Paul McCartney Plays Surprise Concert at KOA Campground

Written by Jean Le Fete

Starbucks Helps KOA Campground Wake Up!

Ape Line – Paul McCartney surprised hundreds of bleary eye campers at a Glen Watkins KOA in the state of New York recently. As part of Maccas new record deal with HEAR Music, Starbucks has Paul literally “Doing It IN the Road”.

Said one camper, “Who the hell is he? I mean I’m here for a NASCAR race. Does he do any country?”

McCartney and his back up band played a 20 song set, including many from his new CD Memory Almost Full and of course several classics, such as “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, to which one redneck said, “He better not touch my hand.”

Starbucks has scheduled some unusual events for Paul, including a concert from the deck of the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls; A Wal-Mart Employees Convention; and most controversial is sure to be one for the Canadian Seal Hunters Association.

“Well the band and I are excited to be venturing out with the new label and I’m sure some of the new faces will turn into new fans.”

“I’ll club the bastard if he comes up here,” said one seal hunter, good naturedly, “Of course I’ll give him a listen first, then I’ll club him. He has cute eyes just like a seal.”

Hear Music had no comment on the brewing controversy, the spokesperson would only say, “We stand by our selections and plan to add a concerts in Gaza, Somalia, Pakistan and other areas where Starbucks hopes to expand soon.”

(entirely fictitious)

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