Beatlefest – Ukraine

The Beatles music has become ever more popular in our country and the whole world. Sir Paul’s recent visit to Kiev is the best confirmation of this. But the fans and myself think that our interest in The Beatles music cannot be concluded by one great event. This would be wrong and unfair.

And that is why “The Peter Poltarev’s Producing Centre” asks all volunteers to support the idea of conducting a massive Festival devoted to the work of our pop idols in September, 2008.

Being an organizer of many, mostly jazz, events we know that the help and support of fan-clubs is very important. Only by joining our efforts there can be born a really interesting and meaningful festival, which could become a regular event in the future.

Our resources at this stage:

The place for the festival – The Chernomorsk city Stadium. (The same where the ” Picket Vests”*) the area of Cape Tarhankut, North-West Crimea.
Suggested dates: 12-14, September, 2008 (twenty-four-hour)
Stage, sounds, lights are settled (delivered and installed by us)
We can help with settling and food supply (at participant’s expense)
We can send the official invitations for all volunteers if needed.

The information about the festival should be spread among the fans in all of the regions (Ukraine, CIS, Europe and others).
Invitation of POP- and Rock- Groups for participation in the festival. (We would like to set a new record on uninterrupted broadcasting of the festival concerts). It is very important that participants would be the musicians who grew up listening to The Beatles music, who recorded cover-versions of The Beatles songs, who used to imitate The Beatles in their work, who have a great interest in The Beatles history and work.
Our aim is to gather maximum people under the banner of the fest (not less then in Woodstock)
We would like to join our efforts in creating this unexampled movement ­ the three day long festival devoted to the work of the legendary group The Beatles , please ask anyone who is interested.
The festival slogan: (For discussion) ‘Revive Beatlemania in our country’
*Read the novel by I.Ilf and Y.Petrov ‘ Golden Calf’

In the festival program we plan to conduct many activities such as:

Concert programs in Chernomorsk and Tarhankut.
Competitions for Mass Media
Photo competition on the topic ‘All you need is love’
And much more… And it will be based on your suggestions too.
Tarhankut is the area which claims to be The National Reserve. These are the maiden steppe on plateau, with fantastical rocks descending into the sea. This is the favourite spot for drivers and rock-climbers. And the favourite spot for people who value the atmosphere of freedom. In Tarhankut the guests and festival participants will have the opportunity not only to enjoy life in Beatles style but also to vary their activities such as: diving in the most clear and interesting places of the Black Sea; watching the racing of bikers, who will come to support Ukrainian Beatlemania; fishing in old Greek way ; and most important is that they will be able to communicate with each other in the atmosphere of love and mutual understanding, which is possible only during such a festival as The Beatles Fest.

The Beatles Fest program is not finalized yet; it will be adjusted according to the suggestions and comments of all who participate in it.

Please send your questions, suggestions and applications to e-mail:

Tel: 8067-2398401

Address: Kiev, Chelyabinskaya Street, 7a (the only one School of Jazz and Variety of Arts in Ukraine).

The date of the Fest is 12-14, September, 2008.

All recent information you can find out on the official webside of the festival .

There is not much time left! Hurry!

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