Paul McCartney: ‘We were all cheesed off when Yoko Ono first came into the studio’

Photo: Photo: PressPaul McCartney has admitted Yoko Ono‘s presence in the studio during The Beatles‘ recording sessions infuriated the  Fab Four.
The legend admitted things were tricky when John Lennon and Ono  first met and it did frustrate the band at the time. He told Q  Magazine: “Because we’d been such a tight-knit group, the fact that John was  getting pretty serious about Yoko at that time, I can see now that he was  enjoying his newfound freedom and getting excited by it.
“But  when she turned up at the studio and sat in the middle of us, doing nothing I  still admit now that we were all cheesed off. But looking back on it – [me and  Yoko] have talked about this – I think she realises it must have been a shock  for us. But lots of things that went down were good for us, really. At the time  though, we certainly did not think that.”
Despite his comments, McCartney  previously denied that she was responsible  for splitting the band and instead placed more of the blame of The Beatles  break-up on businessman Allen Klein, who succeeded manager Brian Epstein  following his death in 1967. McCartney also said that without the support of  Ono, he believes Lennon would not have written songs such as ‘Imagine’. Ono has  since thanked McCartney for  finally putting the issue to rest and described him as a “brave man”.


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