It is no secret that many of the Beatles’ hits actually started life when the band was still struggling to achieve fame in their home city of Liverpool and some even make reference to places in the city.

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One of the most famous of these is ‘Penny Lane’ – the name of a street in Liverpool and diehard Beatles fans regularly head to the street in a sort of pilgrimage. It was released as part of a double A side with ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ – another song inspired by the band’s home city. Strawberry Field is a house close to John Lennon’s former home in Menlove Avenue. This release only made it as far as number 2 in the charts.

‘Eleanor Rigby’ is a song inspired by the name on one of the gravestones in St Peter’s Churchyard in Woolton. It is one of the band’s most memorable songs and has a very haunting quality. It was Paul McCartney that spotted the name when he attended a church fete there in 1957, long before the band found fame.

Not many people realize that ‘Yellow Submarine’ could be inspired by Liverpool but the song does contain the line ‘In the town where I was born’, so it really is safe to assume that it was – at least for a moment!

Many fans will spend some time listening to the lyrics of the various songs trying to work out if there are any references to the city but for those who might not have the time to do this there are plenty of sites on the internet that can guide you to the right Liverpool-inspired songs or why not take a trip there? The Beatles museum is one of the city’s top attractions and you can find out so much about the band’s work here.