The Beatles, arguably one of the biggest bands ever, has a massive following even today. While many of us know the basic facts about the band, such as they were from Liverpool, they played at The Cavern and Ringo was not the original drummer, there are several other interesting facts that might be a surprise to many.

1. The original drummer was named Pete Best, he was fired to make way for Ringo Starr. There was also a bassist, Stuart Sutcliffe, who was a part of the band for the first few years but quit to become a painter in 1961. Unfortunately, Sutcliffe passed away just 9 months later.

2. The Beatles have sold more singles and had more number one albums in the UK chart than any other band. They are also the biggest selling band in the USA, selling over 178 million copies. They beat Garth Brooks to the top stop by more than 30 million units.

3. John Lennon once declared that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus which caused uproar and an immense amount of backlash across America.

4. There was an agreement within the group that all members would have a vocal contribution on their albums. This also included drummer Ringo whose vocals were not the strongest, but it meant that each band member was of equal standing.

5. The meteoric rise of The Beatles was dubbed ‘BeatleMania’ by the press in the UK, but it really took a hold after the band hit the US. Fans went wild, crowds were unprecedented, and the frenzy didn’t die down even after the band stopped performing together.

6. The Beatles have collectively won 15 Ivor Novello awards.

7. Headed the rise of the MerseyBeat sound.

The Beatles emulate everything that any artist could ever wish to strive for. They conquered both the UK and the hard to crack US charts, and left many of us with lifelong memories.