The world of popular culture is always changing. The songs that you listened to as a young teenager are probably entirely different from the type of music that kids listen to nowadays. The world, in general, has changed a lot since then, with most young people sat in their bedroom playing virtual simulation games rather than getting out there and having actual fun.

Music influences teenagers, it always has done on some level, and it is sure to continue. Rock ‘n’ Roll became prominent in the 60s and 70s, with the likes of Hendrix and The Beatles taking center stage. It is no coincidence that the hippy era was big around this time, with teenagers rebelling, taking drugs and generally trying to mimic the pop stars of that time.

Pop music skyrocketed even more in the 80s, with a whole new bunch of genres hitting the scene, including acid house, Image result for clash royale PCdeath metal, and even folk. This gave teens the confidence to be themselves, but with many still copying the style of those in pop culture, with the guys sporting long hair and the girls embracing bright makeup.

In the early 90s, pop music was still good, with many notable artists and songs that will be remembered forever. Sadly this tailed off slightly, and the music became less critical, compared with the image for the likes of stars such as Britney Spears. Teens followed these role models and started dressing, and even acting, a lot more sexualized. This continues to this day, with young girls trying to be the next Rihanna. There is still good music around of course, but some of the most popular tracks nowadays do not have as much style and character as they used to.

Music plays a big part in the lives of many young people, which is scary and inspiring at the same time, depending on who they look up to.